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Xingweian supports its OEM customers with a range of services designed specifically for OEMs. These services include consulting, manufacturing, branding,technical support, and product repair.
Xingweian offers pre-sales consulting that includes the technical analysis of your product objectives. Each consultation provides recommendations on how to apply SUNDA products and technologies to achieve your goals. Sunda engineers have helped       many companies accelerate their product development, and deliver competitive products to market. This process begins with a consultation by an SUNDA OEM Product Manager.
Xingweian offers complete manufacturing solutions for a wide range of electronic and digital products. The company can provide manufactured components that are assembled at your facilities, or you can outsource assembly and testing and have       sunda manufacture a complete ready-to-ship product.
Branding includes screen printing on product front panels and shipping boxes, relabeling technical documentation, and other customizations that make your product uniquely yours. Branding is very important because customers need an easy way to distinguish your products from the products offered by other manufacturers. SUNDA offers product branding as a part of its       standard manufacturing services.
Technical Support
Xingweian offers technical support to developers who would require assistance with their technical issues. In some cases, OEM support provides help for developers who need assistance troubleshooting problems with their development efforts. In other     cases, technical support means next tier support for your technical support team. Either way, the SUNDA support team will show     you why they are rated "best in the industry" by customers.
Product Repair
Xingweian provides warranty repair services under the terms of the associated product warranty. Repair services are also available      for non-warranty repairs with standard costs for parts and labor. SUNDA provides warranty and non-warranty repair services for components, as well as complete systems.

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