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-Swith online
-Suitable for GSM sim cards
-Without STK menu

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1) Without STK menu, just press some numbers to realize the function that you want(such as press 001 or 002 to switch the online number)
2) Switch online or Auto-switch online without turning on-off
3) Max 99 minutes available for you to self-set two sims auto-switching time individually
4) No data lose when switching 2 numbers or turning on-off
5) Super slim design with special general dual sim card IC for stable quality
6) Show Actual number on screen, number editable
7) Compatible with all GSM cards
8) Best compatibility in this field to the newer mobiles
9) Language select(Chinese /English/Russian)
10) The record of calling memory function

User Instruction:

1) 001dial key: choose SIM1
2) 002dial key: choose SIM2
3) 003dial key: Auto switch Time1(00) set SIM1 online time

Time2(00) set SIM2 online time
Time 00 means no auto switch

4) 004dial key: Number edit

SIM1: edit SIM1 real number
SIM2: edit SIM2 real number



1) Please rip off the Sticker and paste it on the SIM card and cut along the dot line with scissors
# For more convenience, you can use our special cutter to cut your sim cards
2) put your cut SIM cards into the slots of Dual SIM Cards, then insert steel sheet
3) put the General Dual SIM Card in your mobile
4) turn on your mobile phone and one of the two SIM cards will be active

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