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-car mp4 player
-Full frequency
-Support SD/MMC card
-2.0 inch display

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1. Support MP3 & WMA music, AMV Video.
2. Support SD/MMC memory card.
3. Support Flash Memory, built-in 256M, 512M, 1GB, 2GB memory (optional)
4. With built-in stereo wireless transmitter, there are 206 freq. for your selection, rang from 87.5-108.0MHz.
5. 2.0" TFT screen display: Freq., Songs No., Songs Name & Songs lyric, Vol., EQ mode, player mode and player path.
6. Auto play function: play music automatically when you insert the 12 Volt Adaptor End into your vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle or power port.
7. 7 kinds of EQ modes for your selection / automatically playing function.
8. Memorizing function: power on/off function.
9. 7 play mode: Normal mode/single mode/Directory player/ Contents cycle/all cycle/roam player/display player
10. Digital IR remote control.
11. It can supply power and charge for MP3/MP4/CD/DVD player through power port.
12. 18 languages supported: Simple Chinese, Trad Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean etc.
13. The Host and power port can be freely dismantled and easy to carry.
14. Infrared remote control: digital selecting frequency, digital selecting song, adjust volume, select EQ modes, language modes, player modes. (AMV video frequency temporarily not support this function)
15. Flexible joint.
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