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1. For GSM sim cards
2. GSM 850/900/1800/1900

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This is the latest high technology apply in the security product fields, It is adopts MTK chip IC can use it protect your family and make your offices safe and many other aspects in a very easy and safe way. Just insert a phone card in this product, and call the number, and then you can hear the voice around this card.Very small and Very easy to use.


* Dimension:2.8*1.4*4cm
* Weight:less than 50g
* Very small and light
* this machine adopts MTK chip IC technology, stable performance, high integration, small size lightweight, effective search network
* putting it on the board can monitor and locate stolen cars (For the function of locating, mobile value-added services were required to open)
* Taking care of children, elderly and patients at any time at home
* this machine has the automatic answer function, concealed instructions for using
* Support GSM 850/900/1800MHZ,Notes: Can not be used in USA

Using instructions:
* Insert card in the machine the correctly, call the phone number after the light off .
* If the first call do not get through, it is for the searching network reason for the machine, you can call it a few minutes later.

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