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1. Wireless Audio Transmitter Bug

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Micro Wireless Audio Transmitter,Professional voice of the collection,it is constituted by the transmitter and receiver.This product can be collected by lauching wireless voice singal,reaching 500 meters.Even in other places,but also you can know the voice of the scene.

    * For TV-Making unannounced visits,investigation and evidence collection,anti-counterfeiting Trade and Industry Bureau,food safety,the city govenment to do the rectification,the public security bureau of evidence,law firms,the Anti-Corruption Bureau,the courts and other deparments.

How To Use:

    * Connect the antenna to the receiver,turn the switch on,the light turn to yellow color,it start to receive signal.
    * Connect the earphone to receiver,you can listen to the audio,also you can listen via the horn.
    * Recording audio: insert the TF Card,press the REC button for 3 seconds,start recording when the light form yellow color to red.Playback audio,you can connect the receiver to PC Via USB Cable,also you can take out the TF Card to read it.
    * Pls charging the receiver before using.

    * Insert the button battery to the transmitter,pls be sure the button+- are correct,the transmitter will transmitter audio signal. The signal can transmitter about 400-500m
    * Pls charging before using.

Package Contents:
    * Receiver and transmitter
    * USB cable
    * Antenna
    * Earphone
    * User manual

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