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HD 360 degrees Rotataory Double Lens DVR, CAR DVR
1.High quality high-definition images FULL HD1080P DV DC
2.Import OV9712 and hd camera, 360 degrees rotatory double lens                                         3.Compact design, portable handheld DV DC
4. Under low illumination, hd video recording can be performed
5.Video format for:1280X720P
6.Video format for:1920X1080P
7.Mode for taking pictures:5M(2560X1920)
8.Motion detecting video:VGA and 1280*960
9.USB 2.0 interface of high speed transmission
10.Work with micro sd card up to 32 gb
11.Support TV OUT TV monitor video connection
12.Built-in lithium battery sustainable camera up to 80 minutes, it can record while charge.
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