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H264 WIFI HD Night Vision

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H264 HD NIGHT VISION WIFI HIDDEN CAMERA                                                            
1. The remote Internet camera function, and 3G camera function,motion detection function
2. The H.264 compression format, 1/4 CMOS, 5.0 Mega pixels (interpolation)
3.Supports P2P watch, network transmission of the industry's most fluent
4.Video resolution:1920*1080, Picture resolution:2560*1920
5. The multiple encryption, ensure privacy does not leak: file encryption, P2P encryption, CID terminal encryption.
7. Supports genuine high-speed SD card, 32G TF, speed ≥C4
8. The built-in IRCUT switcher! Day and night switching, the effect is very good! Night vision more clearly!
10. Supports Android and apple mobile phone monitoring whenever and wherever possible
11.  Lens angle :90 degrees,The night vision distance: 8 meters high                                           12.Supports WIFI:IEEE802.11b / g
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