-Swith online
-999 mins interval time

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1) lowest battery consumption among all the dual sim card in the market
2) Compatible with all GSM cards (include 3G card)
3) Dual mode function(with STK menu or shortcut key like 001, 002 etc.)
4) Show the online number on the screen (ID number editable)
5) Max 999 mins availabel for you to self-set two SIM cards interval individually;
6) Automatically or manually transfer the phone book to your another mobile phone
(If you lose your mobile at home or some one stolen your mobile phone, then you can
transfer your previous phone book to your new mobile phone.
7) Set the message with code, on one can read your SMS without password,make you more private.
8) Language: English and Chinese

User Instruction:

001 1. *SIM1 Switch to SIM 1
002 2. SIM2 Switch to SIM 2

3. SIM1 No.
SIM2 No.
*Not connect

004 4. Switch Set
*Auto SW
SIM1 time: 100
SIM2 time: 999
005 5.Contacts transfer
Auto transfer
Manual transfer
006 6. Messages Key
*Key on/off
Key change
007 7.Chinese


1) Please rip off the Sticker and paste it on the SIM card and cut along the dot line with scissors
# For more convenience, you can use our special cutter to cut your sim cards
2) put your cut SIM cards into the slots of Dual SIM Cards, then insert steel sheet
3) put the General Dual SIM Card in your mobile
4) turn on your mobile phone and one of the two SIM cards will be active

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