-Swith online
-99 mins interval time

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1) Switch online or Auto-switch online without turning on-off
2) Max 99 minutes available for you to self-set auto-switching time(unique)
3) No data lose when switching 2 numbers or turning on-off
4) Super slim design with special general dual sim card IC for stable quality
5) Show Actual number on screen, number editable
6) Compatible with all GSM cards(including 850HZ,900HZ,1800HZ,the latest 1900HZ 64K,128K SIM CARDS)
7) Best compatibility in this field to the newer mobiles
8) Language selection: Turkish/English or Russian/English or English/Chinese
9) 100% satisfaction guaranteed

User Instruction:

1) Choose dual sim card in your mobile menu then shows:
SET---------SIM1 No
2) If you want the card online separately, simply selecting ‘SIM-1’ or ‘SIM-2’.
3) Select Auto/SW (‘*’ before it), means two cards will switch automatically one by one after the interval that you set
4) If you want more function, please select ‘Setup’ menu. Then shows:
SIM1 No.
SIM2 No.
SW time: 03
5) Select and enter ‘SIM1 No.’ or ‘SIM2 No.’, you could edit SIM1 or SIM2 with the maximum input numbers up to 12 which will show on the mobile screen after you did this
6) Enter ‘SW time: 03’, you can set the auto-switching time from 0 to 99 minutes
7) Chinese (Turkish or Russian) and English are the two languages for your choice


1) Remove two piece of paperboard
2) Insert two piece of sim cards into the slots
3) Put one end of the dual sim card with SIM1 in your handset instead of your regular SIM Card
4) Puck the dula sim card then put another end of the dual sim card under the battery or in the room between battery and back cover
5) Turn on your mobile phone and one of the two SIM cards will be active

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