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1) latest technology of its kind ,supports 6 numbers support fast sim reader use 7.14 Mhz resonator to achieves high speed cracking which can makes 3 times faster than similar products available on the market
2) applied to all GSM phones ,no restriction on phone brands or models super large phone book capacity with 200 numbers and 40 SMS active number show on the screen
3) switch mobile number online without powering off and on handset keep all talking record
4) Re-writable to any number of with original card


1) Economical: It's normal for businessmen to have 2 or 3 cards, it's also headache for high communication charges.1-16 sim numbers are in your hand if you take SUPERSIM Multi-sim card .Local number and other area numbers( including china mobile, china Unicom G net Chunghwa telecom and other countries systems )can be copied into one card free for wandering during business trip.
2) Complementary: Readable and re-writable to number of different communication operator such as china mobile and china Unicom strong signal, smooth communication, never miss any call.
3) Smooth: enable to switch to another number when calling number is without charges. all numbers can be connected to anytime .Never miss any business chance、 meeting .
4) Never re-power on: when put SUPERSIM card into the mobile and install STK function, it can switch another number automatically without power on the mobile to change card.
5) Secret: with several numbers, different numbers to different people. Let you smooth in dealing with business、 privacy. protect your private space without disturbing. Enable to deal smoothly in special business such as liability. Moreover, leave space to your lover, friends with anonymous sim card.
6) Convenient: It's inconvenient that dismantle sim card to Nokia6150/6210 in the car when you use unholding mobile in benz or other high-class car. Sim card copier is designed to meet to these special requirement. It's economical. convenient that copy one number in car and dial with the rest sim cards.
7) Huge capacity: common mobile card just can store only 100 groups numbers, but you can get 200 groups numbers、40 groups SMS massages


The entire decryption and compatibility to comp 128V1 ,please check you sim version before the purchase

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